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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Understand EIA Requirement in Malaysia

EIA REQUIREMENT In Malaysia, anyone proposing a new development project is obligated to carry out number of procedure to evaluate the project’s effects before implementation.

First Procedure : Completion of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

If the proposed project comes under 1 of 19 of activities prescribed under the environmental quality (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987, the project proponent must prepare EIA report in accordance with the stipulated procedure, submit to Director General of the Department of Environment (DOE) and obtain approvals.

Second Procedure : Site Suitability Evaluation and Pre-Siting Evaluation

If the proposed project not a prescribed activity subject to EIA. This evaluation report is required to assess whether the site of the proposed factory or project is compatible with other land use in the area, particularly in regard to residential zones. Evaluation is required even in planning to site the factory in an industrial estate. The DOE carries out the evaluation by checking the development plan against environmental laws and regulation.

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