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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Below are the handbooks and guidelines books published by Department of Environment Malaysia.

DOE Handbooks

  • Metal Finishing - Electroplating, 1999
  • Raw Natural Rubber Industry, 1999
  • Crude Palm Oil Industry, 1999
  • Textile and Clothing Industry, 2000
  • Food Industry - Noodle Process, 2000
  • Handbook for Legislators: A Guide to Air Pollution, 2003
  • Handbook for Legislators: A Guide to Water Quality, 2003

EIA Guidelines

  • EIA Guidelines For Coastal Resort Development Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Petrochemical Industries
  • EIA Guidelines For Industrial Estate Development
  • Penilaian Kesan Kepada Alam Sekeliling Bagi Pembangunan Padang Golf
  • EIA Guidelines For Development Of Tourist And Recreational Facilities In National Park
  • EIA Guidelines For Development Of Tourist And Recreational Facilities On Island In Marine Parks
  • EIA Guildelines For Drainage and/or Irrigation Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Fishing Harbours and/or Land Based Aquaculture Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Dam and/or Reservoir Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Coastal and Land Reclamation
  • EIA Guidelines For Agriculture
  • EIA Guidelines For Housing and Township Development Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Risk Assessment
  • EIA Guidelines For Industrial Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Toxic And Hazardous Waste Treatment And Disposal Projects
  • EIA Guidelines For Municipal Solid Waste And Sewage Treatment And Disposal Projects
  • A Handbook Of EIA Guidelines
  • Guidelines For Siting And Zoning Of Industries

Land / Industrial Development

  • Siting and Zoning of Industries, 1976 [revised 1994]
  • Prevention and Control of Soil Erosion and Siltation,1978 [revised 1996:1999]
  • Environmental Requirements : A Guide for Investors (1989) [reprint 1996;1999]
  • Interim guidelines for Controlled Burning of Felled Plant Materials and Combustible Solid Wastes from Housing Industry in the Klang Valley, 1991

Marine Enforcement Activities

  • Marine Pollution Enforcement Procedure

Manual of Monitoring Procedure

  • Manual of Marine Water Monitoring Procedure

National Contingency Planning

  • National Contingency Plan for Oil Spill Control

Ozone Depleting Substances

  • Control Measures for Protection of Ozone Layer, 1994
  • Project Preparation under the Multilateral Fund, 1995
  • Prequalifying and Selection Criteria for Acceptable Alternatives of Ozone Depleting Substances in Malaysia, 1995
  • Halon Directory
  • Siginificant New Alternatives List For Ozone Depleting Substances, 1999

Waste Management

  • Code of Practice for Service Stations, 1980 [revised 1993]
  • Explanatory Notes: Clean Air Requlations & You, 1980
  • Air Pollution Control measures in Palm Oil Mills, 1985 [revised 1997]
  • Erection of Fuel Burning Equipment, 1981
  • Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Wastes, 1981
  • Best Practicable Means for Minimization of Offensive Odour from Fishmeal Factories, 1981
  • Best Practicable Means for Wood-based Industries, 1981
  • Application for Written Permission to Install Generators, 1982
  • Selection of Landfill Sites for Scheduled Wastes, 1985
  • Monitoring of Landfills for Scheduled Wastes, 1985
  • Scheduled Waste Sampling, 1985
  • Recommended Code of Practice for the Disposal of Solid Wastes on Land, 1985
  • Standard Methods For Analysis of Rubber and Palm Oil Mill Effluents [revised 1985]
  • Installation of Tee Pee and Package Type Incinerators, 1985
  • Stack Sampling, 1989
  • Private Investments in Toxic Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities (Secured Landfills) 1989
  • Disposal of Asbestos Wastes 1993 [revised 1995]
  • Export of Scheduled Wastes, 1993
  • Storage of Scheduled Wastes, 1993
  • Interim Guidelines for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Chemicals Not Otherwise Controlled) 1993
  • Import of Scheduled Wastes, 1994
  • Zero Burning of Felled Plant Materials, 1994
  • Open Burning of Felled Plant Materials (Agricultural Wastes) 1981, [revised 1994]
  • Management and Disposal of Wastes from Downstream Petroleum Industries, 1994
  • Management and Disposal Wastes from Upstream Petroleum Industries, 1994
  • Notification and Control Procedure for Movement of Waste between Singapore and Malaysia, 1995
  • Disposal of Asbestos Wastes 1993 [revised 1995]
  • Export, Import and Storage of Scheduled Wastes in Malaysia (CD ROM)
  • Implementation of the Basel Convention in Malaysia
  • Monitoring and Control of Pollution from Cement Plants, 1996
  • Air Emission Load Calculation, 2000
  • Disposal of Chemical Wastes from Laboratories, 2000
  • Applications for Licenses and Permits for Hazardous Activities, 1990
  • Processing Written Permission for Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems, 2000


  1. alo...
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    may i know how can i get a sample of EIA guidlelines format report?.

  2. A sample of EIA report can be refer from any Department of Environmental (DOE) library. If i am not wrong membership for individual is RM50 and you can refer an EIA report there. However those reports are prohibited to copy or lend.... Anyway an EIA guidelines book are available for public to buy :)

  3. May I know where can I get the "Standard Methods For Analysis of Rubber and Palm Oil Mill Effluents [revised 1985]"?

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    May i know where can i get the guideline of the Disposal of Asbestos Wastes 1993 [revised 1995].